Variable Illnesses Related to Lyme Disease
Many of Dr. Marra’s patients over the years have asked her, “Dr. Marra, why does Lyme Disease affect me in my joints but the brain in my child?” This is a very reasonable question to ask given the myriad of symptoms and diseases that Lyme Disease and coinfections can cause, and the answer IS NOT simple.
There are probably many factors involved in the vast array of multiple-tick-borne illness presentations, but most notably it has to do with your genetics. Infections are a form of physiological stress on the body whereby they (especially stealth intracellular infections) enter the nucleus of the cell where the chromosomes and DNA reside, and likely cause an epigenetic expression of your genome. In other words, your genes code for your genetic potential, and environmental triggers such as infections activate genes in VERY complicated ways, to give rise to unique and individual presentations of tick-borne illness.
There are probably many other factors involved including the strain of Borrelia infection, the pathogen load, the number of coinfections, the presence of secondary infections (i.e., EBV, HHV6, Mycoplasma pneumonia), the status of the immune system, the health of the patient’s microbiome, diet, nutrition, lifestyle, detoxification pathyways, methylation SNPs, EMF exposure, heavy metal exposure, Mold and biotoxin exposure, hormonal imbalance, constitutional tendencies, mental health condition, spiritual health condition, and a plethora of other factors as yet unidentified.
We are just beginning to utilize the power of genomic medicine in order to maximize and personalize individual treatment plans for patients. The 21st century promises to be an exciting time for genomic medicine, where application for healing tick-borne illness will be particularly useful. I will be most interested in the nutrigenomics of Lyme Disease through the work of Mr. Bob Miller at the Tree of Life who is at the forefront of this movement.
If you would like to receive a nutrigenomic analysis by him, which Dr. Marra highly suggests, please go to and order a test kit to determine your genome. When you receive your results from 23andme, give him a call at 717-733-2003 or visit his website at, and arrange for a phone consult with him to review your genetic information. You will be amazed with what you learn from this appointment. Our patients report that his recommendations were life changing.