Lyme Genomic Anaylsis
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1. To order a kit, please visit:
* Order a kit by clicking on “Order Now” for $99
* Register your kit when you receive it, and follow the instructions online
* To process and receive results back, it usually takes about 6-8 weeks
2. 23andMe will notify you by e-mail when the results have been completed
* Log into your account, and click on “Browse Raw Data” at the top right hand corner near your profile name
* Below that, you’ll see a “download” icon, click on that and save it to your desktop
3Make a new client $200 genomic analysis phone consult appointment by calling (206) 299-2676
* Appointments for genomic interpretations will only be done on Wednesday or Saturday afternoons.
4. Email your raw 23andme genome data to
* You must also fill out a consent form for genomic analysis interpretation. This consent form will be emailed to you once your appointment has been set up with the office.
5. You will receive an email with a copy of your genetic interpretation several days before your appointment
* This copy will be for your review and for you to have during your appointment with Dr. Marra on the phone.
6. Dr. Marra will make nutritional intervention recommendations for you based on your DNA results
* This treatment plan will be emailed to you.
7. Please do not email questions as they will not be answered
* We ask that you write all of your questions down and discuss them during your appointment with Dr. Marra.