The Antibiotic Controversy
In the 18 years that Dr. Marra has been practicing tick-borne disease illness, there has been great controversy over the use of antibiotics in the treatment of these stealth and persistent infections. She doesn’t think the answer to this controversy is any easier today than it was 20 or 40 years ago. However, over the years, she has seen a trend in the degree of illness that presents in the practice. Patients are MUCH sicker now than they were 18 years ago when she was practicing in Connecticut, and most patients have multiple infections.
In her own journey nearly 14 years ago battling Lyme Disease and Bartonella, she chose to take an Integrated Medicine approach to healing because she felt that it was her best chance of eradicating the infections, while supporting her body along the way. Not all patients make this choice. Some prefer to use ONLY diet modifications, herbal remedies, Rife machines, and a variety of other healing modalities that are consistent with their belief systems. Dr. Marra chose a combination therapy approach which worked very well for her, but you may not want to, and that’s a personal choice.
In her experience with treating thousands of patients with tick-borne illness, she has not found patients to become affected by long-term antibiotic use, if they are used properly. Frequent rotation of antibiotics, pulsing techniques, timing and dosing changes, with multiple probiotic sources has proved time and again, to be the quickest way out of the Lyme Disease maze of symptoms. Her patient’s recoveries are also significantly influenced by diet choices, hydration, immune system status, genetic predispositions, hormone balancing, detoxification, and a myriad of other factors.
Without question there is a group of patients who simply cannot handle antibiotics for various reasons largely having to do with histamine status and detoxification pathways. In these cases, her patients use herbal formulas that absolutely work, just not as fast. Targeted nutritional medicine is also very helpful in supporting healing.
The point is simply this, as a long time steward of antibiotic use for patients with tick-borne illness, Dr. Marra has not seen any long term damage for their use, provided they are used correctly. She is not suggesting that patients go on life long antibiotics because that is not the answer either. Rather, there is a variety of treatments that can be very beneficial to patients, as long as precautions are taken.
In our practice here in Seattle, Dr. Marra has patients on herbs, antibiotics, nutritionals, diets, detox protocols, and everything in between because she believes you need to do what works, and what works for one patient may not work for the next. An individual and tailored treatment that reflects a well thought out plan for return to function is, in her opinion, the only way to heal from multiple tick-borne disease. Dr. Marra speaks here from both a personal and professional position which hopefully sheds a ray of hope on your condition.