DNA Connexions Laboratory in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is an established laboratory with a new mission. Under the guidance of Dr. Leslie Douglas, DNA Connexions has developed a very accurate urine polymerase chain reaction test (PCR), to detect the presence of Lyme Disease and co-infections. This is a great test because it is noninvasive and it demonstrates the presence of the actual DNA of the organisms present in a patient.

To optimize the likelihood of finding pathogenic organisms in a patient, prior vigorous exercise and/or deep tissue massage while drinking lots of water seems to be the key. Additionally the test is only $500, however insurance companies are not likely to reimburse for it.

DNA Connexions is in the process of getting FDA approval for this test, which is likely to change the current landscape of tick-borne disease diagnostic testing. If you would like more information, please call them at (719) 219-2826.