Fermented Foods
Fermentation is an endogenous metabolic process that converts carbohydrates and sugars into alcohol, carbon dioxide or organic acids. Lactic acid fermentation is a naturally occurring process in the body whereby bacteria convert carbohydrates and sugars into lactic acid. This increases the intracellular pH allowing acid loving bacteria to proliferate, while killing bacteria that prefer a more alkaline growth medium.
Eating fermented food in moderation helps to maintain a healthy gut bioterrain by fostering beneficial bacterial growth and proliferation. When in Lyme Disease treatment, drowning out the concentration of bad bacteria by increasing the good bacteria is a technique that many clinicians overlook. This is an important component to the way that I treat Lyme Disease.
Below is a list of fermented foods that you may find helpful in combating Lyme Disease and coinfections. They essentially help to reorganize the microbiome to a more healthy form.
Kombucha Tea
Fermented meats and condiments