New Patients 1 - Circle GemsWelcome to Dr. Susan L. Marra, PLLC
We are interested in helping you in any way that we can to achieve optimal health and wellness by treating Borreliosis, Multisystem Chronic Disease, Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia.
We are sincerely interested in your well-being and want to help you heal physically, emotionally and spiritually with a mind, body, spirit integrated approach. Tick-borne illness can often be devastating, however, with proper antibiotic, nutritional and herbal support, you CAN and WILL get well with a positive attitude, self discipline, persistence and perseverance.  Lyme Disease/Borreliosis does NOT have to take over your life, however, you need to work with a Lyme/Borreliosis literate physician who is willing to keep “all doors open” to help you heal.  This is an important aspect that most patients overlook.  It is our belief that strategic use of antibiotics or herbs, hormone balancing, with nutritional counseling and proper diet, is the only way you can heal from this disease.
We are fully prepared to aid you in any way that we can to achieve wellness and return to a fully functioning life!  This includes the use of a sophisticated integrated systems approach to healing by utilizing an individualized combination of the following:
Hormone Balancing
Amino Acid Therapy
Antimicrobial Therapy
Botanical Medicine
Immune Support
Anti-fungal Therapy
Therapeutic Nutrition
Anticoagulation Therapy
Mold Remediation
Diet Therapy
Enzyme Therapy
Antiviral Therapy
Neuroendocrine immunology
Detox Strategies
Genomic Analysis
Personalized Medicine
Advanced Laboratory Testing
Anti-aging Medicine
New patients will need to fill out the following forms before their initial visit with Dr. Marra: New Patient Intake, HIPAA Privacy, Informed Consent and Office Guidelines.  These forms can be found under “Forms & Policies.”