alternative-medicineProtomyxzoa Rheumatica
In September 2012, Dr. Stephen Fry, Director of Fry Laboratories in Scottsdale, Arizona, presented on Protomyxoa rheumatica, the most recently identified vector-borne illness which is probably transmitted by a mosquito bite, as well as other biting insects.  Dr. Fry noted that Protomyxzoa is an autoimmune vascular pathogenic protozoan that adheres to the endothelium of blood vessels and obscures blood flow to tissues.  Protomyxoa is also proinflammatory and triggers the release of inflammatory cytokines including: IL-1, IL-6, IL-12, and TNF-alpha which sets the stage for chronic inflammation.
Fresh RosemaryOf note, Protomyxzoa in particular, produces a biofilm which is a sticky matrix composed of mucopolysaccharides, proteins and DNA, that protects the organism from the hosts’ immune system. Dr. Fry discussed the need for a low fat diet (less than 10 grams/day) in order to starve the organism while undergoing antibiotic treatment. This, however should be done only in conjunction with your physician as certain people may not be able to adhere to this strict regimen due to extreme weight loss. Also, certain antibiotics and antiparasitics are effective at eliminating the parasite, and specific prescribing should be overseen by a Lyme literate doctor.
Additionally, Susan McCamish owner of Beyond Balance, has developed several herbal formulas to help treat Protomyxzoa infection. Dr. Fry noted that in the oncoming months, he and his lab will be diligently working on several research projects demonstrating the disease causing effects of Protomyxzoa and how to effectively eradicate the organism.