PTSD and Lyme Disease
Most patients with chronic illness who have been repeatedly misdiagnosed, and virtually unheard, wind up with some form of PTSD and adrenal exhaustion. The fight to be heard, find a competent practitioner, receive proper and attentive care, is no small feat in this fast paced world, and is much more difficult for the severely ill. Sadly, this component of Lyme Disease is not very well recognized. This is really similar to the PTSD a soldier experiences once he/she is home from a war. The emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual toll on the body is very significant. Although the war might be over, there are substantial lingering effects of the struggles that occurred during healing.
I encourage my patients to seek counseling from someone who understands the debilitating effects of chronic illness. Reiki, massage, acupuncture, energy healing, , spa visits, and EMDR may be very helpful to patients who are unable to shake off the trauma that they endured during their struggle with Lyme Disease.
Many patients also choose to do a yoga retreat in Hawaii, Bali, etc…to regain their balance in life during and/or after treatment. Island trip (ie., Hawaii, Caribbean), also help patients regain a sense of nature and joy which was lost during their battle with chronic illness.
Please consult with Dr. Marra on ideas that may help minimize the effects of PTSD from chronic disease related to tick-borne illness. Having had the disease herself, she understands on a personal level the battles you face during treatment and after treatment.