Genomic Analysis and Personalized Medicine
dnaMethylation is a biochemical reaction involving a methyl group (CH3) that takes place at the cellular level and regulates genetic expression.  The methylation cycle is complicated and for the purposes of this website, the details will not be discussed.  To obtain your own individual snps (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that shed insights into methylation difficulties, you can order a test kit online at 23andme and then upload the raw data onto geneticgenie and review the outcome together. We will make strategic nutritional recommendations to help modify the problems. You can also work with her using Genova Diagnostic Testing for predictive genomics and personalized medicine. We can also order a Detoxigenomic profile to examine your detox snps, or an Immunogenomic profile to examine your immune system snps. All of these tests yield valuable personalized information about you that will aid us in returning you to optimal health.
The two methylation snps that are particularly important for Lyme Disease are:
  • MTHF C677T
  • MTHF 1298C
You can either be homozygous or heterozygous for these snps, which makes a difference as to how they effect gene expression and your specific requirements for B vitamins and in particular, vitamin B12 and folate.
Other snps that may be important for you are:
  • COMT V158M
  • COMT H62H
  • COMT 61
  • VDR Taq TTT
  • VDR Fok Ff
  •  MAO A R297R
  • ACAT 1-02
  • MTR A2756G
  • MTRR A66G
  • MTRR H595Y
  • MTRR K350A
  • MTRR R415T
  • MTRR S257T
  • MTRR 11
  • BHMT 1
  • BHMT 2
  • BHMT 4
  • BHMT 8
  • AHCY 1
  • AHCY 2
  • AHCY 19
  • CBS C699T
  • CBS A360A
  • CBS N212N
  • SUOX S370S
  • SHMT C1420T
  • NOS D298E
These snps can all be obtained by using 23andme and will yield great information regarding neurotransmitter utilization and detoxification difficulties among other more subtle biological effects.
Genomic and Personalized medicine is clearly the future of medicine, and as we begin to understand the human genome and how it interacts with the environment and in particular infections, we will be prepared to provide more effective targeted therapeutics (botanical medicine, vitamins and antibiotics.