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Dr. Susan Marra with her office mates.

"Empathy and compassion coupled with intuition, commitment and an intention for a holistic treatment plan, are the ingredients of a healer to transform sickness into health and cultivate elevated and sustained wellness." SLM


We are currently offering telemedicine and in person appointments.

Office Hours

Monday | Tuesday | Thursday | Friday
9:00am – 5:00pm


3718 NE 41st Street

Seattle, WA 98105

Phone: (206) 299-2676

Fax: (206) 522-7410


Recommendations for out of town clients

Nearby Overnight Accomodations

Silver Cloud Hotel - 7 miles from office and is gluten free

5036 25th Ave NE

Seattle, WA. 98105


 Price: $180-300/night/per room


  • We recommend flying to SeaTac Airport (SEA)
  • Always wear a MASK, wash hands, and refrain from eating on flights.