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Consulting & Healthcare for Lyme Disease

Dr. Marra is considered a leading authority on the successful treatment of tick-borne illness drawing on more than a 35 year career in medicine and basic science research. She and her Practice Manager Micah, will ensure that you have a safe road to recovery.

As a doctor, her strengths include a solid foundation in the understanding of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Borreliosis/Lyme Disease and co-infections as they relate to chronic illness and impaired organ function. Additionally, she is well known for her comprehensive and integrated approach to treating tick-borne diseases. Her knowledge of clinical nutrition, hormone therapies, herbal medicine, German biological medicine, and restorative medicine allows for her patients to capitalize on the best of both traditional and alternative medicine.

However, Dr. Marra’s greatest strength is her ability to teach patients about the disease and recovery process. She works in conjunction with her patients and other esteemed Borreliosis/Lyme literate doctors, to provide state of the art healthcare, and explains new treatment techniques and modalities in a way that patients find refreshing and understandable. She also has a particular interest in anti-aging medicine since most patients suffer from cellular damage due to chronic infection.

Her commitment to professional excellence is evident in her ability to “unravel” symptoms of the disease in a safe and timely manner while allowing patients to continually move forward in the healing process. Dr. Marra has excellent success in treating patients with a comprehensive integrated approach to medicine. She also has a global network of other experts in different fields who she works with to ensure high quality health care.

Dr Susan Marra with her best friendDr. Susan Marra with her best friend and office mate