Low Core Body Temperature (less than 97.0 degrees F)
Many patients who suffer from chronic Lyme Disease and coinfections or chronic complex illness, also suffer from a low core body temperature (less than 97.0 degrees F). Sometimes this cold body temperature is due to hypothyroidism, which is relatively easy to diagnose with blood tests and a thermometer, an easily treated with some combination of T3 and T4 sustained release capsules.
However, sometimes a low core body temperature is due to the build up of toxins in the blood that causes the blood to become thick and viscous and unable to flow through arterial vessels and capillary beds. The lack of proper blood flow results in lowered oxygen concentrations to tissues, and therefore the body begins to become “cold”, and rigor mortis sets in, similar to what is seen in death. The absence of oxygenated tissues means the body will be cold.
Frequent and proper daily detoxification in Epsom salt baths coupled with 30 minutes of full body movement (i.e., walking, dance, yoga, pilates, biking, trampoline, etc…), to exercise the muscle fibers and mobilize cellular waste and toxins in EXTREMELY important. Infra red saunas, hot baths, etc… are also important to elevate the core body temperature. This is why nearly all chronically ill patients feel better in warmer climates. If the core body temperature is too low, blood cannot properly flow to tissues, especially to the periphery, and the vital force of the patient is compromised. This is why patients with a low body temperature appear sluggish, fatigued, weak, and depressed.