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My goal as a Naturopathic physician specializing in vector-borne illness and associated diseases is to provide progressive, integrated and individualized healthcare to all of my patients, working towards maximizing optimal function and health. 

In the last two decades, the United States, Canada, as well as Europe and other areas of the world, have experienced a rapid emergence of zoonotic diseases at an alarming rate.  Multiple factors including: global climate change, escalating deer populations, human urban development encroachment on feral animal habitats, pollution, excessive EMF exposure." 


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About Dr. Marra

Dr. Marra is a Naturopathic physician who specializes in the successful treatment of tick-borne illnesses.  She has a unique perspective on Lyme disease and associated illnesses drawing on her more than 30 year experience in healthcare, and on her personal experience with Lyme disease.   Having extensively trained as a Lyme Disease physician just 40 miles south of Lyme, Connecticut, her knowledge of Tick-borne illness begins at ground zero.  Dr. Marra incorporates information from a variety of different disciplines including: evolutionary biology, microbiology, immunology, psychobiology, infectious disease, neuroendocrinology, traditional medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, intuitive science, logic, reason, and spirituality to help her patients gain optimal health. 



Dr. Marra is considered a leading authority on the successful treatment of Tick-borne illness drawing on more than a 25 year career in medicine and basic science research. As a physician, her strengths include a solid foundation in the understanding of Lyme Disease and coinfections as they relate to chronic illness. 

Additionally, she is globally well known for her comprehensive and integrated approach to treating tick-borne illness.  Her knowledge of clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, German biological medicine, and restorative medicine allows for her patients to capitalize on the best of both traditional and alternative medicine.

Phone consults can easily be arranged for patients who are unable to travel to Seattle by calling Linda at 206-299-2676.



Skype appointments are available after a physician/patient relationship is established which is considered after 2-3 office visits.

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